Want the look of falsies without the mess of glue? Have trouble using temporary strip lashes? Want fullness and length, but not ready for the commitment or expense of lash extensions? Here's the answer! These Ardell magnetic lashes are super easy to use, perfect for daily use or formal events, and reusable!

How to Use: Apply two thin coats of the creamy gel eyeliner using included angled application brush. On your natural lash only, apply a coat or two of your favorite mascara. Pop on the strip lash! Lash will adhere to liner upon contact. Pro tip: Pinch the base of your lashes and strip lash together for seamless length and volume!

Can be reused 20+ times with proper care. It is not recommended to apply mascara to the lash strip as that will cause some mild clumping and greatly shorten the number of wears you’ll get out of each pair of lashes.

Ardell Magnetic Lash Set | Lashes, Liner + Brush