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Product Review: Younique Dip & Draw Liquid Eyeliner

Wanna make money just by wearing makeup?  How many times has this sentence flooded your inbox, timelines, and news feeds? Cosmetic direct sales companies are countless - some of which have been around for half a century or more, but more and more seem to pop up daily. Popularity of these companies usually depends greatly on the area or region. One company could be a leader in the Southern Middle Tennessee area due to over-saturation of consultants, while another larger company is virtually unknown in the same area. On the flip side, that same “leading” multimillion dollar company could be doing ZERO business in northern New Mexico.

If you’ve ever spoken to me about joining “your team,” across a wide spectrum of companies, my answer has always been and always will be the same - I want my clients and readers to know that when I recommend a product, it’s because I truly love the product, not because it’s in a cosmetics/beauty line I’m cashing in on. Take a peek at the online store - there are high end companies right alongside inexpensive products and tools. The ONLY way a product lands in my store, sits on my shelves, or is used at my station is if it produces great results, and I use/would use them personally. I’ll never sign up to be a part of any multilevel marketing companies or direct sales ventures, so if I recommend (or don’t!) a product within one of these companies — it’s based solely on an open and honest personal opinion formed by yours truly. SIDE NOTE: This isn't a negative post on MLMs. Hell, it's not even really a post about MLMs at all. They work great for some people and have provided several of my friends and clients with a great income, but the MLM life just isn't for me. I felt compelled, and somewhat obligated, to explain exactly why I choose to not be a part of direct sales - no matter how much revenue they truly could bring to me. So enough about the business, now let’s get back to why we're all here... I’m a liquid liner junkie. It’s a daily staple in my makeup routine, no matter how natural or dramatic of a look I’m wearing for the day. When I’m looking at trying a product line, it’s often one of the first things I reach for. It never has to be “color matched” and ultimately, it’s a pretty safe purchase when going in blindly. I was recently approached about trying some Younique products and decided to purchase their Dip & Draw Precision Eyeliner.

Photo by Younique It was available in two colors, black and brown, along with some limited edition color options - blue and maroon. I’m dedicated to the blackest black liquid liners and mascaras, and *most* people wear black easier than brown. The price tag was hefty, but there were review upon review convincing me that it was worth every penny. It arrived quickly, which was a pleasant surprise as some MLMs have slower delivery times. My initial reaction: I loved the applicator. The tiny bristles gave excellent control with no “skipping” on less-than-taut lines. Unlike a felt tip liner, synthetic fibers won’t absorb the product. I have always hated that I feel like I’m wasting product as the felt tip gets drier with every use. Unfortunately, that’s where the “good” stops. Throughout the day, my eyeliner was literally peeling off. What didn’t peel flaked constantly throughout the day. I tried over/under shadow, with and without primer, setting with a black eyeshadow packed tightly to my lash line. Nothing made much difference. I constantly had fallout under my eyes and the peeling places would “hang” from my eyelid. After reading great reviews and looking for tips to retain my liner online, I passed it over to get the BFF test. We have very different skin - where she’s dry, I’m oily. Where I tend to have breakouts, she stays clear. After two days of attempting what I’d consider novice use and not being clued into my test results, she came back with the same report. She said it went on easy, and like me, she loved the application, but it wore like a latex-based liner. {If you’ve ever worn fake lashes, most of the adhesives are basically liquid latex.} The latex gives great flexibility and stretches to fit - perfect for fitting OSFA strips to various eye shapes and sizes. But when tested, the consistency of the eyeliner after it was dry reminded her of lash glue.... aka: not good. I gave it a good ole college try, but the VERDICT: TWO STARS. What saved this product from a one-star rating is the applicator, but honestly, who cares that it applies great if it wears terribly? The price tag was high, and the delivery was low. I can only assume that all of the rave reviews were from people that stand to make a couple bucks off of the sales. So this liquid liner might be a bust, BUT there are others that I *DO* recommend (and wear daily!) Check out my blog post, The Battle of Liquid Liners, here. Have you tried this product? Loved it? Hated it? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Send them my way via email at or via the comment/inbox sections of any of our social media accounts.  

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