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PRODUCT REVIEW: Youth to the People Age Prevention Moisture Cream

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack with another product review for you lovely readers!

FYI: I strive to make sure that each and every review on the blog is accurate and honest. I’m currently sitting on about 200 products ready to be tested and reviewed - I try EVERY. SINGLE. PRODUCT. that is covered on the report. This isn’t just a copy and paste review or a researched “here’s what the people say about it.” I hope this encourages you to read these reviews and take them for what they are. It may take a bit to get it all covered, but know that each and every post feature is tried and true from my own personal experience. If I’m curious about a product that isn’t compatible with my skin, hair, regimen, etc., I rely on a VERY small and vastly trusted team that can help fill me in with their experience - some are skincare and beauty amateurs, while others are well-versed in cosmetics across the board.

Today’s product: Youth to the People Age-Prevention Moisture Cream ($48,

As soon as I received his product, I was instantly intrigued and knew I HAD to try it before you guys buy it. The packaging is super cute and looks very natural earthy and organic.... packaging is not really a vital part of a great moisturizer, but it’s often times what pulls me in. A great box, logo, and presentation goes a long way when selling in a highly-competitive location like Sephora.

Upon diving into the product, I found out that this brand is exactly what the packaging suggested. Youth to the Peoole (or YTTP from here on out) is a family-owned business located in California. Two cousins started this company after growing up in their grandmother’s salons and working in/with her skincare companies. They formulate, make and package all of their small batch potions. All extracts within their line are cold-pressed and sourced within the USA. There is zero added fragrance or color, 100% vegan & never tested on animals. That info alone would have been a huge reason for me to buy and try, BUT it gets better...

So, I’ve said it before, but I’m picky when it comes to face creams and moisturizers. I want full-bodied moisture with rapid absorption without stickiness or that yuck mask feel. This age prevention cream is just that! It gives me a ton of moisture, plumps the skin, absorbs quickly and is a perfect addition to my regimen day and night. Some moisturizers that have quick absorption rates leave me feeling like I need to use more and more, but this product is a perfect balance between all of my non-negotiables. Quick absorption also means it’s perfect for layering under your foundation, concealer and/or powder. It won’t interfere with coverage or leave you looking shiny a few hours after application. The scent is very light and natural, leaving you looking, feeling, and smelling super fresh and healthy.

The YTTP Age Prevention Cream contains kale, spinach, green tea and hyluronic acid. 🍵 🌱 What does that mean though? Kale, packed with Vitamins A, B, C, + K, as well as antioxidants and phytonutrients. It helps fight fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size and dark circles, promotes collagen products, speeds cell turnover, and detoxifies. Spinach, also being a leafy green, is packed with the same vitamins and vital minerals including omega-3 fatty acids and offers many of the same benefits - a double dose for you and your skin. You’ll see glowing skin, clear skin, reduced inflammation and increased blood circulation. Green tea is a free-radical fighter - smoothing and soothing, which is great for my sometimes problematic skin, while hyluronic acid is what gives you that “plump” feel, boosts elasticity, prevents wrinkles, firms skins tone and texture, and is responsible for a lot of the jampacked moisture this little jar contains. It’s a major ingredient naturally occurring in our bodies and is used in injectable fillers and some of the most expensive anti-aging serums and creams on the market today - no needle required!

Final verdict: Would I buy again? ABSOLUTELY. Would I recommend to a friend? Yes. Is it worth the $48 price tag? 110% YES! A little goes a long way, and you should easily get 2-3 months out of one jar depending on how much you’re using and how often.


ProTip: There’s also a YTTP Age-Prevention Set that will save you a ton of money. For just $54 (limited offer and exclusive to Sephora), you’ll receive the full-size (2oz) moisture cream, a 2oz anti-aging superfood cleanser, and a small 0.5oz age-prevention mask. haven’t tried the cleanser or mask yet, but with their small batch creation I can only imagine it is right up to par with this moisturizer.

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