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Bye, Bye Dry Skin!

It's that time of year... Hot chocolate, puffy parkas, your favorite winter boots, and snowflakes all around. (Okay, so if you're in Middle Tennessee like me, we're lucky to get 2-3 "snows" a year, but a girl can dream, right?) With all of these glorious wintry activities, there are a few not-so-glorious cons to come along with it. One of my biggest winter woes? Dry skin... and nails... and hair... I HATE it, but I've found a few beauty goodies to fix these dry skin blues. First on the list is Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream... So I'm going to be honest, when I first received this product to try and review, I was a little thrown off. The name "Bum Bum Cream" is a little weird... I had to read the little packet they sent along with the items to clarify that it wasn't, in fact, a cream for your bum. The packaging doesn't give you much insight as to what exactly the product is or the intended use, but I CAN ensure you that this creamy lotion is the perfect addition to your dry skin arsenal. It smells incredible - a light tropical scent that's not too heavy for all-over body application. It's a fast-absorbing cream that is heavy enough to still feel moisturized after application, but light enough that it will completely absorb into the skin after a few massaging passes. The manufacturer recommends that you massage the Bum Bum Cream in a circular motion to create warmth - this will increase and speed up absorption - everywhere from your legs, tummy, hands, and yes, your bum bum.

Being a stylist, I constantly have my hands in water all. day. long. This constant washing, shampooing, and cleaning leaves my hands, cuticles and nails begging for moisture. If you follow the report regularly, you know I'm a sucker for paper masks and other at-home treatments. My new favorite? Kocostar Dry Hands Rescue is a quick little moisturizing and soothing glove treatment that will save the day! In just 20 minutes, your dehydrated hands will be replenished with improved skin hydration. It helps to prevent future dehydration with zero parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances. Neroli and Palmarosa oils improve skin health by regenerating and keeping skin elastic. Toss on these single-use gloves and tighten them. Leave on for 20 minutes and massage excess serum into the skin.

One of biggest problems with wintry skin is coping with dry lips. The more chapstick I used, the more chapstick I needed. It was a constant battle dealing with the cracking, peeling and discomfort associated with dry skin on and right around my lips. Sometimes it was so bad, I felt like I couldn't wear lipstick. I just didn't want to draw attention to the dry skin and peeling patches. At this point, I'd pretty much given up fighting the battle and succumbed to carrying around tubes on tubes on tubes of different kinds of chapstick and moisturizing lip treaments hidden in various places throughout my house, car and work... That is, until I found my holy grail... Ladies and gentlemen, look no further - Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment (Sephora, $26) is a little tube of heaven. It comes in a clear satin or a sheer pink satin tint, which is perfect for those days when you feel too dry for lipstick, especially liquid formulas that have a matte finish and can leave your lips looking/feeling extremely dry. This lip treatment is a power-packed tube of goodness. It promotes volume and gives parched lips moisture for 24 hours! YES, 24 HOURS! (Though, I usually apply twice a day.) This formulation isn't a regular lip balm. Use it as a primer under your favorite lip colors to give you moisture and comfort all day long. One of the biggest features of this treatment is that this balm is fortified with sea fennel to help smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles and define the lip area, while antioxidant-rich orange extract helps protect the lips. Get one... or ten. You (and your lips) will thank you for it.

Another new favorite product of mine that I will definitely use year round is the heavensent Parodi Comforting Muscle Lotion. (ParodiCare, $18) Y'ALL. THIS PRODUCT. I cannot say enough good things about it! If you're a stylist or someone who works with their arms and hands in constant motion (or anyone with tired, achy muscles), this product is a MUST! Now, honestly, when this product first arrived, I sat it on my "to review" shelf, and I didn't touch it for weeks. I wasn't that interested in the product, but obviously knew I would eventually have to try it out for a review. Let me tell you - I now regret not opening up that box and rolling on this lotion the day it landed in my mailbox. It's enriched with arnica and magnesium oil that help to relax and soothe overworked and stiff muscles. When it comes to IcyHot or other cooling/warming lotions that I've tried over the years, I've just never liked it. I don't want to be freezing in order to get a little relief. (uhem, I'm looking at you BioFreeze!) Even though this product has menthol and camphor, it's just enough of a cooling sensation without it being TOO much & feeling weird. (Weird? IDK. I really don't know how else to describe it. It's such an odd feeling when your skin is freezing, but you're fully dressed and sitting in the heat... I'm just not a fan.) The tube has a roller ball dispenser, which is perfect for keeping your hands clean and dry during application. You can use up to three times a day and apply in any areas that need a little soothing. NOTE: If you use your hands to massage the product into the skin, make SURE that you wash your hands WITH SOAP after application. Otherwise, your eyeballs will hate you and your tastebuds will NOT be happy. Found this out the hard way. *facepalm* Don't be like Jill.

I'm looking forward to trying out some other Parodi products. If they're anything like this one, I'll be a forever customer!

What are some of your favorite products that you use to combat dry skin woes? I'm always in the market for potions and elixirs that can tame wintry skin, nails and hair.

Have a product or topic YOU want covered on the report? Hit that CONTACT tab up top and submit your suggestions, questions or concerns. Thanks for reading. I know I say it all the time, but I couldn't do this without you guys reading and supporting me in the crazy beauty journey. Without readers, there's no point to a blog.... thanks for giving me, Jill Brooks Beauty, and the jb,beauty report a purpose. I'm forever indebted to you.

xo- jb

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