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STYLE: Mixed Metals + Metallics

Whether you’re headed to the club with your besties, a date night out on the town or an after-hours work event, muted/brushed metallic tones are a fresh and unexpected take on minimalistic style for typical neutral wearers like me. (Black is my favorite color!) 

Keep the cuts modest to balance the brightness of the metal. My favorite pairings are rose gold and silver/pewter, along with brushed gold and navy. Mixed metals almost always work in a variety of combinations usually as long as the undertone stays the same throughout the look. 

To find undertone: look at the photo or item in its entirety. Is the underlying pigment in the photo/object more blue-toned or red/yellow-toned? Blue is cool, Red is warm. Sometimes there is no distinguishing undertone or there are equal parts of both. This means the photo/item is neutral and balanced. 

White pairs well with any shade of metal and really makes the lighter metallics pop - pick your favorite body feature and highlight it with a metal! 

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