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Fall Hair, Don't Care

So everyone's favorite season is right around the corner.... FALL! You know what this means... Chunky sweaters, pumpkin spice everything (sorry, revoke my basic white girl card cause pumpkin spice anything is 100% disgusting - y'all can just keep that), football and most importantly, FALL HAIR. You know, the kind with caramel lowlights, deeper shadow roots, and the time comes for you to finally revert back from your southern California beach bunny blonde back (say that 3 times fast. woah.) to your au naturel chocolate-y brown. Here are some of my favorite trends coming up for 2017's third transition of the year.

If you follow my social media, I'm sure you know by now that I finally took the dive into fun fashion colors. Started with a pale lavender idea and ended with a purply (purpley? I don't know...) pink sea of mermaid hair, thanks to my bff, Meagan Shaddix at Salon South.

Crazy colors are really becoming mainstream these days. Everyone is loving the idea of experimenting with fun, though typically fleeting, colors. Even big corporate companies and historically conservative regions [read: the south] are beginning to change their dress codes to allow a more creative palette when it comes to hair color. Some of my favorite looks that will be right on trend for FW '17:

Ok, maybe I'm partial to this one... #imallowed

She's rocking the multitonal blue/teal look - hair by Jill Brooks Beauty 💙💚 I love this soft look, and the variations of tone in these colors keep it modern and more interesting than just a simple, flat blue.

The fun ombré - a dark brown to intense violet with tons of extra texture (we'll talk about that later...). Stunning color and transition! Photo from Pinterest, credit unknown.

So, to me, this is the most beautiful color of the whole blog. The softness makes it professional, while the root shadow & pastel color keep it modern. The cut is adorable - lots of layers and texture! (There's that word again... 🤔) It's the perfect canvas for that perfect color. If I had the same hair type as her, I would absolutely have this cut and color TODAY! Ok, I've gushed over this long enough.....

This is a fun little color melt using ever-so-popular rich warm based purples and blues. 💜💙💚 Plus you can apply this as a peekaboo panel and have the color completely hidden on an interior layer of your hair. When you wear your hair down, depending on the density of your hair and placement, you wouldn't see any color. Lift a little up and BAM! RAINBOW!!

Here's another peekaboo look - notice these are less blended than typical highlights/lowlights. That's the look that a peekaboo application will give you. Want something more blended? We can do that - your contrast just won't be as heavy.

• Medium Ash Blonde

My sweet client, Lisa, always lets me play a little. We took her p1latinum blonde hair and reverse balayaged the color. Instead of creating highlights, I created shadows within this look by contouring the hair and adding a TON of dimension. Photo: Lisa M. Cut, Color and Style by Jill Brooks Beauty.

Root shadows and ash blonde go together like peanut butter and jelly. The perfect compliment to fall "bronde" is a deep root shadow - PLUS you can't beat the low maintenance that a root shadow provides. Just make sure your stylist knows what their doing. A bad root shadow can almost defeat the purpose of getting your hair done. If you're out of state, we'd love to host you and help your visit and appointment go smoothly; if you can't make the trip, I'd be happy to help you find a stylist in your area!

The root shadow on the left is a little closer to the root - more blonde than brown; while the right shows a more dramatic look to this technique. Great for women who love the idea of being lighter, but feel like it doesn't suit their skin tone. These icy-white ends are flawless, but again, take a lot of skill. Make sure your stylist is using Olaplex or something similar when lifting your hair to this level of blonde.

This is a more subtle approach to a root shadow - more natural with a more gentle contrast between the root and midshaft. Are those blonde streaks from the sun or.....?

The perfect pairing with medium ash blonde or your new fall root shadow is WHITE HONEY BLONDE. The evolution of blonde is everchanging. From golden to caramel to platinum to ash blonde, everyone is forever chasing their new favorite shade. This fall/Winter, White honey blonde is that color that blondes are seeking out. Here are a few of my favorite honey blonde looks:

  • The Blunt Bob

This season is all about TEXTURES! Take your blunt bob to a whole new level with a little sea salt stray and your favorite 1" - 1.5" curling iron or wand. Finish off with a little texturizing paste (IGK Broken Dreams texture paste is my personal favorite.) and voila! Perfectly imperfect locks dripping with cool, and insta-fave. (Side note: Aren't those bar earrings adorable? Find a similar pair on the Jill Brooks Beauty Shoppe coming soon!)

Chop, Chop, Chop! Effortless, high fashion style. What more could you want? And this white honey blonde is right on trend.

I feel like every female on Pinterest has found that photo a billion times, but there's a reason for that. It's a crazy popular look - great for all ages, personal styles, and lifestyles.

Blunt bobs + texture + root shadow

  • Rich Chocolate

Go darker with a tint of red or purple! I love seeing these rich chocolate brown looks with a subtle (or dramatic!) undertone - completely changing the whole look of a boring, flat brown color.

These red or burgundy-based colors take a little more maintenance to keep them looking fresh, shiny and vibrant. Depending upon how the color is achieved, some clients will see lighter pieces showing throughout as the color fades. This is where the hair was lightened/bleached under the color. If you have questions or concerns about fading, talk to your stylist and *MAKE SURE YOU'RE USING COLOR SAFE PRODUCTS!!!* This. is. huge. Color safe (and now, even color depositing) shampoos and conditions are imperative to keeping your hair looking great & to prevent watching your color (read: money) circle down the drain.

For my final fall trend... This is the trend that I think I love the most. It's so reflective of who I am, not only as a stylist but just as a person in general. This trend is...

  • Boho Hair

Mini braids, shaved sides or under cuts, tons of texture and even a little hair jewelry are some of my very favorite additions to my hair styling arsenal. These looks are achieved using texturizing products and various techniques. Anything goes when it comes to boho hair, but these are a few of my favorite looks and personal inspiration for not only my clients, but also for myself.

mini fishtail braids take this casual half-up style to a whole new level. Not loving your outfit of the day? Can't find the right accessories? EVEN WORSE - DID YOU FORGET TO PUT ON EARRINGS THIS MORNING WHEN YOU LEFT THE HOUSE??? Never fear. Your hair CAN be the statement piece of your look - this draws the eye upward and brightens the face too. It's a win/win.

I'm feeling Shay Mitchell vibes. You can buy these hair piercings (hair rings) here: They're easy to apply and you can reuse them. Use a few or use several - It's completely up to you. It takes an edgy braided look to a whole new level.

A variation of braided cornrows. Using a dutch braid, start at the hairline right around your ear and braid upwards toward the apex of your skull. Depending on the density and texture of your hair, secure using bobby pins or clear elastic bands. Add some fun beach waves, a little spray wax and you've got an easy look that makes a bold statement.

Looking for a fun look that is professional enough to wear to work, but cute enough for a night out? Use a wand or curling iron to create loose beachy waves. create 2-4 tiny microbraids and a couple medium sized braids (secure by backcombing). taking small 1-2" sections, give them a little twist and pin each section near the center back of the head, alternating sides and layering each section below the previous to get a rough overlay of pieces. Pin back the braids either as their own section or mixed with other hair that you're twisting and pinning. Finish with spray wax and your favorite hairspray.


So, tell me, What's your favorite trend for the Fall? I'd love to hear about it. If you'd like to schedule an appointment or complimentary consultation, please contact Jill Brooks Beauty by selecting the Contact Us tab on the menu bar or by text. You can also reach out using social media - All links and information listed below. Thanks for reading and supporting my dreams! Subscribe and share. Posted by: Jill Brooks Beauty Expert & Concierge Image Consultant Licensed Cosmetologist & Paul Mitchell Honors phase II graduate Certified Makeup Artist | Lash Technician Salon Manager, Salon South Hair | Makeup | Lashes | Wardrobe Contact: Text. 931.446.4240 FB: Jill Brooks Beauty ig: JillBrooks + JillBrooksBeauty Twitter: @JillBrooks Snap: JHB071289

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