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Product Review: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

I was so excited when I visited my mailbox today -- Maybelline sent me a few tubes of their new long-wearing liquid lipstick to try out & review! There's been a little buzz about the launch of this product & one of the first drugstore brands to attempt the ever-popular matte/liquid lipstick formulation.

Photo by Maybelline

My first day wearing the lippie was met with both pros and cons - but at the end of the day, the pros reigned supreme. Maybelline claims the formula lasts 16+ hours without bleeding, peeling or reapplication, and boyyyyy, they sure were right. At the end of my day (18 hours after applying makeup), I still had to use a makeup remover to remove the color. My go-to makeup wipes hardly scratched the surface. Long-wearing is an understatement; This is easily one of the longest lasting lipsticks I have ever used.

When it comes to shade range, I think they hit the nail right on the head. There's a wide selection for all skin tones, and I LOVE that the tube is an almost exact match to the color inside. No more squinting to see the little tiny name on the bottom of the tube or opening every tube to find your right match.

Another pro is the amount of product stored in the tubes. Most liquid lipsticks and glosses are 0.05-0.08 fl.oz. - Matte Ink is a whopping 0.17 fl.oz. That's over 3 times as much as some tubes. (For example, cult-favorites Kylie and ColourPop liquids are only 0.07 fl.oz.) Pricing ranges from $7.99 on Amazon to $9.99 at drugstores. Competitive pricing and tons of product - you're definitely getting your monies worth when it comes to this lipstick.

Photo by @mybeautyfavs

And for the cons - the main negative about this product is that it is a little drying to your lips. Cosmetic companies have been fighting the line between long-wear and comfort for years when it comes to lipstick formulations, and for most, long-wear takes precedence. Now, I wouldn't say that the lip color is uncomfortable, but my lips definitely could have used a little more moisture. Applying chapstick under the liquid lip was a fail. The wax in the chapstick just repelled the lip color. Applying chapstick after the Matte Ink caused a faster breakdown of product, defeating the purpose.

To help combat this issue, I first used a lip exfoliator (try Sara Happ The Lip Scrub, $24 at buffed on with a soft-bristled toothbrush. This helps to remove any dead or dry skin on your lips that can cause uneven application. At night, use a lip serum (try Rodan + Fields Lip Renewing Serum) to make sure your lips are nice and hydrated for your morning application.

Photo by Good Housekeeping/AMP

So - this might just be me being picky, but I'm also not too crazy about the applicator. It's a wand with a doe-foot sponge - so you get plenty of product without multiple pumps, but the tip is too rounded to give you perfect, crisp lines. Use a lip liner, small lip brush to apply or smooth out rough edges with a concealer to give you more definition and a precise vermillion border.

Photo by what's up in makeup

Below I've attached my own personal swatches of the two colors I received - lover and pioneer, along with a full-swatch of all colors on different skin tones.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to reach out via the Contact Us tab or by commenting below. Decide to give this product a try? We wanna hear from you! Post your photos using #SuperStayMatteInk and #JillBrooksBeauty to be featured!

Photo by @beautywithemilyfox

Legal jargon: I'm required to let you know that the company sent me these products for free to test out and review on my beauty report; however, I'm not required to give any information other than my honest opinion. When I love a product, I love sharing that information with you. If I hate it, I'd let you know that too. I can't support beauty experts & bloggers who give anything other than an honest report and no amount of free product is worth it for me to lie to those of you reading this who make my dream job a reality. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!



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