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5  Must-Have  Products  for  Stunning  Brows

When it comes to makeup, I have a few requirements. The first on the list - brows! An otherwise perfectly-executed makeup look can fall flat without brow shaping and grooming, OR if you're running behind in the mornings after hitting snooze a few too many times, a great brow can carry your whole look. Today's trends include light filling, a defined arch, and a brightened brow bone. The key to capturing these trends lies within the products. Techniques are often complex, hard to imitate, and contradictory, but using the right products can make your journey to flawless brows a little easier!

Favorite tool: Sorme Brow Filler brush

I've used it ALL when it comes to brow brushes: cheap, expensive, mink, synthetic, short, long, angled, pointed, pen-type, etc. I was a diehard ABH #12 user for years until I discovered the Sorme Brow Filler Brush. ($16, purchase online or through - online shop coming soon!)

Dramatic Brow Product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Looking for those perfect IG brows? There's a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to swapping from traditional pencils to a pomade, but once you get the hang of it, you'll never go back! I love this formulation because it's long-lasting & water-resistant. No more smudged brows or wiping off the tail before lunch. ProTip: Stick with Taupe, Soft Brown, or Medium Brown. They're all cool-toned colors and much safer than using neutral or warm tones on your brows. You can thank me later.

Classic Staple: Lancôme Le Crayon Poudre Pencil

A classic favorite of mine - Lancôme never disappoints. This unique pencil is a powder-based formula giving a softer, more natural look with the ease of a pencil. It's a quick route to take for maximum impact, but be aware that small thin strokes are key to giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Because of the softer powder formulation, super sharp definition is a little tougher to achieve than with a traditional pencil or pomade. Great for beginners, blondes or people not sure if they're ready for "full-on" brows yet. ($26.50, Lancô

Forever Favorite Highlighter: NARS Highlighting Blush in albatross

If you've been following me for a while, you've heard me singing my praises for this highlighter. I've been using it for years - at the recommendation of a friend - and have yet to find ANYTHING that even comes close to comparing! It's a buttery soft texture that glides on smooth - perfect for brow-bone highlighting, Cupid's bow, inner corners of the eye and cheekbone glow. It lasts forever and is worth every single penny. My makeup bag is NEVER without this in tow. Not only does it make it into my top 5 brow goodies, but my top 5 of all makeup products. A forever favorite! ($30,

Quick Go-To: Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

A one-step brow product giving volume, definition and hold all in one. Tiny fibers in the water-resistant formulation add volume and fill-in brows & is totally buildable for more or less volume depending on your targeted look. The color payoff is great and all colors offered are cool-toned making color selection easy. Gimme Brow gives the hold of a traditional gel to help tame your unruly brows & create the exact shape you desire. ($24,

These products can be used alone or in various combinations. What works for you may not work for your best friend and vice versa. I start my look with brows every day and build from there - much of it depends on how my brows decide to cooperate that day. Always start lightly and increase your heavy-handedness as your brows take shape. Have questions about any of these products or where to buy? Did I miss one of YOUR favorite brow products - I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading the jb.beautyreport ✌🏻❤️💄 This page is growing every single day, and I couldn't do it with you guys!! Thank you for always supporting my dreams!



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