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lather. rinse. repeat.

Whether during the consultation, application or closing transaction with my client, I'm constantly asked about my favorite shampoo. (ProTip* Shampoos and conditioners are meant to be used together. IF you choose to use them separately, you will not see the full benefits that product claims.) You already know everyone's hair varies and reacts very differently to certain products, chemicals, and tools. Here's a quick run-through of MY favorite shampoos, broken down into user/hair type. Blondes: More Fun? - toning shampoos are life changing! They maintain your color, brightness and shine and extend life into those gorgeous shimmering locks, BUT it can also be dangerous if used in correctly. Deep conditioner/masques are required. Just no way around it. Talk to your stylist. They can often recommend a perfect conditioner for your hair type, texture & health.

For my Color-Treated Babes - Sulfates/sulfites are your enemy. Avoid using products with sulfates. They'll typically label it sulfate-free quite obviously (consumers are starting to grow more aware of the damage this pesky ingredient can cause), but if you're not sure, check the ingredients. Any ingredients/compounds including the "sulfa-" will typically be first or second on that crazy list of a ton of stuff we can't pronounce.

Desert Dry - Oily-hair girls think they have the rough life because they (feel like they) have to wash their hair more often than others, but as a combo hair gal, I can tell you first hand that having dried-out locks is wayyyyyy worse than excess oil. There's always a fear that if you wash your hair it's just going to be a difficult process... tons of products, hair somehow feeling somewhat soft while it's wet and immediately turning dry and coarse as the moisture escapes faster than you can replace it. My favorite products to combat this - especially conditioners - will be covered in a later blog; but for now, I am a major fan of Marula Oil Nourishing Shampoo by John Paul Mitchell Systems. Rich and luxurious feel, but without the residue you'll find with some other brands/lines. A few failed shampoo trials left me with hair that wouldn't curl and never felt squeaky clean... Once I found Marula Oil, I felt like I finally found a shampoo that would totally cleanse my hair root to tip, but was creamy enough to leave my hair feeling lush and hydrated - wet or dry.

Who needs oil slick color when you have oil slick hair...? - Clarifying shampoo is your new best friend. Prell (yes, old school green liquid Prell) is an awesome & cheap clarifying shampoo that is heavy duty enough to cut through the oil and really clean your hair while not stripping it of the necessary sebum. I also like Shampoo Two & Shampoo Three by John Paul Mitchell Systems. They're cult-favorites & never let me down. Shampoo Two is a deep cleansing shampoo. Shampoo Three will remove impurities and chlorine - great for swimmers! (ProTip* S3 will even get the green out of blondes that spend a lot of time pool side in the summer!) Keep in mind - you DO need some oil on your hair for various reasons, so these are not recommended for daily use. Recommended use is every 7-10 days depending on how often you wash your hair & don't forget to condition the ends. AND PLEEEEEEASE FOR THE LOVE, TRY SOME DRY SHAMPOO. Only at the root. Hold 6-8" from the scalp. Quick, short bursts throughout. Let sit for 5+ minutes (I use this time to do my makeup). Blowdry on high heat for 15-30 seconds while brushing through your hair. TADA! You can thank me later. I'm always amazed when I have someone in my chair who either hasn't heard of it or has never used it, but it happens ALL THE TIME! Message me and I'll help you find the right one for your hair or talk to your stylist.

I'm sure I'm leaving some hair out, forgive me & drop me a line! I'd love to chat more about your hair, skin, or lashes via public post, private message or having you in my chair. You never know what I'll cover in my next article. P.S. Thanks for reading this whole thing. You're the best. :) -jb

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