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Do I REALLY Need to Contour? 

Cream or powder? Highlight or contour?Before foundation... Or after? Where do I put it again? 

ALL OF THE QUESTIONS. It's been around a hot minute, but for the majority of makeup users, I feel like contouring is something we haven't quite mastered. We want to. Badly. People have basically become famous off of their ability to contour well (WHY ELSE IS THE KARDASHIAN/JENNER CREW FAMOUS?!? Ok... Yes, there was a tape. But cmon, y'all, mostly contour.) and even some who have gained notoriety with their lack of ability 🙃 (Don't mind me, just over here sipping my tea....). 

So I call myself a beauty expert... And here's your chance to put me to the test. I want to cover all things contouring, but NOT with info you've all heard a billion times or things you've seen in a numbered list on buzzfeed over and over. What do YOU want to know? When I say there are no dumb questions, I mean it. Ask me anything & everything from tools and product to placement and shading to face shaping. Submit your questions and I'll cover it all in an upcoming blog post. 😊

Thanks for helping me live my dreams.  If you've visited my site and read this deep into a silly post about faking cheekbones, I just want you to know that I appreciate you. You're supporting me... I mostly just ramble about my passions, and you're giving me my dream job. Just by being here. Listening. I love you. 

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Jill Brooks

Beauty Expert & Image Consultant

Certified Makeup Artist | Lash Technician

Stylist at Envy Hair Salon, Columbia, TN

Hair | Makeup | Wardrobe | Lashes

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